Zone 9


Conner Creek

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About Us

  • Nickname: Osborn (West Area)
  • Boundaries: E. Eight Mile (North), E. Six Mile (South), Van Dyke (West), Hoover (East) map
  • Zone Highlights:
    • The most special resource is the strong block clubs and associations who work to keep the area viable.
    • Randazzo’s market attracts shoppers from near and far because of its reasonable prices. Outside of Eastern Market it is a source of fresh produce, vegetables, and other products.
    • The Osborn designation includes this area as a “targeted” neighborhood for resource assistance and redevelopment.
    • Lipke Park , a City Park of 15 acres is a neighborhood anchor. The S.A.Y. Foundation is currently conducting outreach and mentoring programs for youth 8-18 under a 20 year lease agreement.
    • The 8 Special Streets as bounded by Outer Drive, Seven Mile Road, Van Dyke and Outer Drive united and adopted Codes of Conduct (City Ordinance) for all to follow. The 8SS has been funded to improve the Quality of Life through a small grant as a means to strengthen maintenance, beautification, training and education.
  • Contact Info: Restore NED Coordinators - Pat Bosch (313) 891-7709 and Karen Washington (313) 891-7709
  • Advisory Board Member
  • Description: It contains 8 residential streets of District 3 that contain some of the best property values and it contains the landmark that once was Holy Cross Hospital but most recently is known as Conner Creek Center (CCC). It currently is home to a long term care facility known as Kindred Hospital and various offices and meeting rooms. The area also has a well known market called Randazzo’s Fruit and Vegetable Market. Osborn High School and Mt. Olivet Cemetery are landmarks for the area, as is LIPKE PARK and the S.A.Y. Foundation which leases Lipke and operates a youth mentoring program on site.
  • Historic Facts:
    • Conner Creek once flowed freely through this area. In the 1920’s it became part of the City’s sewerage system. Today the historic Creek has been commemorated as the Conner Creek Greenway with the Milbank Conner Creek Trailhead as part of this zone.
    • Mt. Olivet Cemetery extends through this zone and serves a a peaceful green space and landmark. Conner Creek once flowed freely through the land, as it continued its journey eastward to the Detroit River. The cemetery is part of the Mt. Elliott Cemetery Association. The first burial occurred in July, 1888.
    • This zone is also home to the City of Detroit Northeast Water Plant which is part of the treatment and service of providing water to many cities and communities.
    • The church of Our Lady Queen of Heaven-Good Shepherd, as a historic landmark helps give identity to the 8 Special Streets. The land traces its history back to early farming days when it was part of the Hafeli Farm Estates and produced rhubarb, grapes, etc. 
  • Icons that represent Zone 9:
  • Stakeholders:
    • Nortown CDC
    • We Care About Van Dyke-Seven Mile, Inc. community organization
    • Our Lady Queen of Heaven-Good Shepherd Church
    • Lipke Park & S.A.Y. Foundation
    • 8 Special Streets and its 8 related Block Clubs of Outer Drive, Sirron, Rolyat, Lantz, Yolanda, Bliss, Suzanne and House Street
    • New Galilee Missionary Baptist Church
    • Randazzo’s Market
    • DTE
    • Bel Air Shopping Center
    • Bel Air Theatre
    • 7 Mile Foods
    • Osborn Neighborhood Alliance (ONA)
    • Osborn Business Alliance (OBA)
    • NEDBA (Northeast Detroit Business Association)
    • Conner Creek Center
    • St. John Providence Health & Safety Office
    • LISC Quality of Life

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