Zone 7


The Mt. Elliott Corridor & Environs 

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About Us

  • Nickname: Area of the 1873 Village of Norris
  • Boundaries: E. Eight Mile (North), Casmere (South), Mound (West), Sherwood (East) map
  • Zone Highlights:
    • The 1873 Village of Norris history and its tie to Yellowstone National Park through Philetus W. Norris, village founder and developer and the second superintendent of Yellowstone National Park are by far the zone’s most unique asset and revitalization site for historical significance, tourism, education, cultural, and environmental programming and investment.
    • Also, the three (3) principal corridors of this zone, namely Mt. Elliott , Mound Road and Six Mile (E. McNichols) accommodate a good majority of heavy duty truck and vehicular traffic to principal freeways and all points north, south, east and west.
    • Residential streets of St. Louis, Dwyer and Gable which benefit from two City parks, namely Kern Playfield and St. Louis/Luce and which provide opportunities for affordable housing and vacant lot ownership for spacious residential living and adaptive reuse.
  • Contact Info: Restore NED Coordinators - Pat Bosch (313) 891-7709 and Karen Washington (313) 891-7709
  • Advisory Board Member
  • Description: This zone contains one of the unique assets of District 3 and the City. It is home to what was the 1873 Village of Norris and which today still contains some structures from that period. More recently , Mt. Elliott and Zone 7 have been incorporated into what the City calls the I-94 Industrial Park.
  • Historical Facts: 
    • The 1873 Village of Norris has a link with Yellowstone National Park, as the Village founder and developer, Philetus W. Norris also served as Yellowstone’s second superintendent. As such, he explored much of Yellowstone, with the Norris Geyser, the Norris Pass, the Norris Overlook, and the Norris Campground reflecting his service to the park. He is also credited with establishing the Parks first conservation officers. A museum exists in his honor, as do numerous books, tapes, slides and stories.
    • The village of Norris once encompassed Prairie Mound (a legendary, 4 acre Indian Burial Mound) where Mound Road got its name, a Tollgate, Holley’s Hotel, Norris Railroad Depot, Holley’s Hotel, the Miles Orton Traveling Circus. Today, only the Two Way Inn and two other structures remain intact from the 1873 time period, although it is hoped that the Norris House can be restored with an intensive fundraising campaign.
  • Icons that represent Zone 7: 
  • Stakeholders: Non-profit organizations, block clubs, and long-established industrial and commercial businesses, such as:
    • Nortown Community Development Corporation
    • Two Way Inn
    • Urban Development Corporation
    • St. Louis, Luce Block Club
    • New Greater Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church(NGZHMBC)
    • Kern Heights Resident Business Collaborative
    • True Love Christian Ministries
    • Federal Pipe
    • Marcus Restaurant
    • Gallagher-Kaiser
    • Fitzgerald Plating
    • Detroit Flame Hardening
    • Sikora Metals
    • Hutchison Funeral Home

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