Zone 6

Pershing Area, Ryan to Mound, North Detroit

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About Us


  • Nickname: Uptown East
  • Boundaries: E. Eight Mile (North), E. Six Mile (South), Ryan (West), Mound (East) {Geographically, Zone 6 extends to the Hamtramck border} map
  • Zone Highlights:  The most important resource is people - especially long-time residents and businesses, and there are many who are still here, plus new residents from many places and businesses who are welcome and needed for population growth and stability.
  • Contact Info: Restore NED Coordinators - Pat Bosch (313) 891-7709 and Karen Washington (313) 891-7709
  • Advisory Board Member
  • Description:
    • It’s close to everything! Diversity! Many of the region’s premiere destinations via car + public transit routes Local African American history if significant in this area. Immigrants of many ethnicities also played an important part in the history of area.
    • HISTORY-HISTORY-HISTORY! Historical Schools, historical parks, historical communities, historical cemetery, historical churches, historical restaraunts, etc.
  • Historic Fact:
    • Both Krainz Woods + nearby Conant Gardens neighborhoods were of primary importance in establishing equal housing opportunities within the city and particularly in outer neighborhoods beyond the inner-city.
    • For many decades when many, if not most, Detroit schools and neighborhoods were segregated, Pershing High School had a diverse student body.
  • Icons that represent Zone 6: (It’s all here in Uptown East, Ryan to Mound)
    • Home Sweet Home
    • Industrial buildings
    • Flowers
  • Stakeholders:
    • Individuals
    • Families
    • Children

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