Zone 4

North Central

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About Us

  • Nickname: Pershing
  • Boundaries: E. Eight Mile (North), E. Six Mile (South), Dequindre (West), Ryan (East) map
  • Zone Highlights: Available Land
  • Contact Info: Restore NED Coordinators
    • Pat Bosch (313) 891-7709
    • Karen Washington (313) 891-7709
  • Advisory Board Member
  • Description:
    • Predominance of traditional residential homes, interspersed with commercial corridors and the anchor of Belmont Shopping Center on E. 8 Mile Road
    • Dad Butler Park on Conant is the only city park for people of special needs
  • Historic Fact:
    • Historic businesses such as Buddy’s Pizza, a landmark at 6 Mile & Conant
    • Home of Pershing High School
  • Icons that represent Zone 4:
    • Area of traditional residential and spacious residential areas
    • Home of 4 City Parks
    • In tribute to Buddy’s Pizza, a pizza icon
  • Special Resource:
    • The Belmont Shopping Center is one of few privately owned and well maintained shopping hubs in the City of Detroit, northeast Detroit, offering a variety of services, shops, jobs and community outreach relations and programming.
    • Strong leadership from area non profits, such as CUP (Citizens United for Progress), North Central Community Association, and numerous block club
  •  Stakeholders:
    • Belmont Shopping Center
    • Dad Butler Park
    • Citizen United for Progress( CUP)
    • Collaborative Spirit of different denominational churches
    • Eight Mile Boulevard Association
    • Pershing High School (DPS and Alumni)
    • Buddy’s Pizza
    • Dove Academy
    • Power House Productions
    • Farewell Community Association (Blocks of Binder, Wexford, Yonka, Norwood and Fenelon)

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