Zone 3

The Land for Community Development

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About Us

  • Boundaries: E. Eight Mile (North), E. Six Mile (South), Woodward (West), Dequindre (East) map
  • Zone Highlights:
    • Meijer shopping mall
    • Pingree farms
    • Churches galore
  • Contact Info: Restore NED Coordinators - Pat Bosch (313) 891-7709 and Karen Washington (313) 891-7709
  • Advisory Board Member
  • Description: Area where business owners, non profit stakeholders and residents partner for an improved quality of life
  • Historic Facts:
    • Area was home to the Michigan State Fair, one of the oldest state fair which ran for 160 years from 1849-2008
    • Dakota Inn on John R has historic designation and is one of the oldest restaurant/bars in Detroit
    • Baseball City Field on E. 8 Mile Road
    • Joe Dumar’s Field House
    • Old established industrial firm like Milton Manufacturing and Ross Steel
    • First Homestead and business settlements for Chaldean Christian Immigrants in Detroit
    • Development of I-75 freeway split the neighborhood and is seen as a dividing line
  • Icons that represent Zone 3:
    • Spacious Residential
    • Strong Industrial Businesses Base
    • Available large tracts of vacant land for redevelopment
  •  Special Resource:
    • Meijer Shopping Mall at 8 Mile/Woodward
    • Pingree Farms
    • Churches of every denomination
  •  Stakeholders:
    • Homeowners
    • Emmanuel Community House 
    • John R/Seven Mile Business Association
    • Dakota Inn
    • Davison Avenue Missionary Baptist Church
    • ACC (Arab-Chaldean Council) Social Service
    • Sacred Heart Chaldean Church
    • John R Community Park

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