Zone 2

Greater Regent Park

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About Us

  • Nickname: Regent Part
  • Boundaries: E. Eight Mile (North), Seven Mile (South), Gratiot (West), Kelly (East) map
  • Zone Highlights:
    • Life Builders — Rehabbing and renting vacant homes
    • Creating a Community Center from closed McGregor School
    • Turning empty lots into neighborhood landscape parks
    • In Harper woods, converting closed Chase Bank into Performing Arts
  • Contact Info:
    • Restore NED Coordinators - Pat Bosch (313) 891-7709
    • Karen Washington (313) 891-7709
  • Advisory Board Member
  • Description: Life Builders is transforming a neighborhood by acquiring abandoned homes, opening an outreach center and a community center. Traditional Residential neighborhood one of the stronger ones in the District, with a good mix of general businesses along 8 Mile Road, Kelly and Seven Mile Roads. It is anchored by 2 larger churches, two elementary schools, one middle school, and a city recreation center with a pool.
  • Historic Facts:
    • This area was developed primarily after WWII
    • The Eastland Shopping Center was one of the first suburban outdoor shopping malls, as developed in the late 1950’s
  • Icons that represent Zone 2:
    • Traditional Residential, along with Recreation icons to represent Heilmann
    • A city park and swimming pool center with meeting space and sports, such as baseball, soccer, etc.
  • Special Resources:
    • Life Builders – is rehabbing abandoned and either leasing or selling them. They are also creating a community center from the closed MacGregor School and turning vacant lots into neighborhood landscape parks. On Kelly Road, Life Builders received a donation from Chase Bank of their former bank building and are converting it into a Performing Arts, Community meeting space and senior citizen club.
  •  Stakeholders:
    • Life Builders
    • Regent Park Community
    • Cross of Glory Church
    • St. Jude Catholic Community
    • Fisher Upper & Lower Schools
    • Regent Park Scholars School
    • Businesses along 8 Mile, 7 Mile, Kelly and Gratiot

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