Zone 1

City Airport Neighborhood

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About Us

  • Nickname:
    • City Airport Area
    • I-94 Industrial Park Area
    • Harper & Van Dyke (named derived from corridor cross streets)
  • Boundaries: E. Six Mile (North), I-94 (South), Sherwood (West), Conner (East) map
  • Zone Highlights:
    • Bettermade Potato Chips
    • Eden Organic Pasta Company
  • Contact Info: Restore NED Coordinators
    • Pat Bosch (313) 891-7709
    • Karen Washington (313) 891-7709
  • Advisory Board Member
  • Description: This zone is predominately known for the City Airport (aka Coleman A. Young International Airport) because the airport takes up so much land mass and has been there since 1920. Recently it has also been known as the place for “new’ industrial development in the City’ designated I-94 Industrial Park, with its promise of jobs.          
  • Historic Fact:
    • There are actually many historical facts. Prior to the 1920’s Conner Creek flowed as a natural body of water in its nine mile journey to empty to the Detroit River. Historically, Conner Creek had provided Indigenous Natives with a source of food and transportation. In the 1920’s Conner Creek became part of the underground sewer collection system for the City of Detroit and outlying suburbs. Undoubtedly, the areas around Conner Avenue where the Creek once flowed were wetlands. French Road is named after the early French settlers who originally settled along the Detroit River in Ribbon Farms and in time migrated “north” to the area. Today French Road is classified as the “French Road Mini Take” due to the expansion of City Airport in the 1980’s, when Six Mile Road (E. McNichols) was closed to through traffic.
    • The Detroit Parade Company also operates in the zone at the corner of Huber St. and Mt. Elliott.
  • Icons that represent Zone 1:
    • Spacious residential and community gardens for the area east of Van Dyke.
    • West of Van Dyke, the area can be represented as industrial but with open space to show reverence for the two (2) cemeteries which comprise this zone and the spacious residential areas that proceeded the industrial development.  
  • Special Resources:
    • Vacant land for future development
    • The area’s easy access to freeways and quick connection to suburbs via Eight Mile Road and other major corridors, such as Mound Road and Davison.
  •  Stakeholders:
    • Long standing residents who remain faithful to their neighborhoods
    • Shield of Faith Church
    • Coleman A. Young Municipal Airport
    • Nortown Homes LDHA LP
    • Nortown Homes II LDHA LP
    • Friends of Fletcher Field
    • Georgia Street Community Garden
    • Alkebulan Village
    • Linc Logistics
    • Flex-n-Gate
    • Forestlawn Cemetery
    • Mt. Olivet Cemetery
    • B’Nai David Cemetery
    • Jude Family Childcare Center
    • City Airport Renaissance Association (CARA)
    • Motor City Electric, Detroit Chassis, and numerous other small – medium businesses
    • L. Holmes DPS

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