Restore NED Engagement Zones


Since 2013 Community Development Advocates of Detroit (CDAD) has worked with Residents Empowered, Strengthened and Transforming Our Residential Environment RESTORE NED) and residents of Northeast Detroit to develop a block-level community land use and quality of life plan. This report is a set of recommendations resulting from the participatory planning sessions attended by residents and stakeholders across the area. The boundaries of the RESTORE NED area were defined by a community steering committee. The area encompasses much of Detroit’s City Council District 3. Due to the size of the area, 32 planning meetings were organized, presentations were made to various block clubs and at various block clubs and at open public meetings. Additional community engagement occurred through work with local churches, during public events and canvassing door-to-door. Residents, community based organizations and other stakeholders learned about current conditions data and worked together to create a framework for the future of Northeast Detroit. This document represents a plan for action that will guide land use, resource and planning decisions in Northeast Detroit. It is designed to be easily used and understood by all stakeholders, including individual residents, block clubs, faith groups, community-based organizations and city staff and council members.

This document includes land use plans for residential areas and commercial corridors as well as a Resident Action Plan created to develop a plan for addressing quality of life

concerns. Emergent themes of the planning process include actions related to land use and quality of life concerns:

  • Actions to keep areas that are currently densely populated stable and strong;
  • Actions to ensure that areas with less vacancy remain residential but transformed into areas with larger lots, allowing for multiple uses;
  • Actions to transform areas with the highest vacancy into productive open space with land uses such as urban farming, alternative energy generation and manicured recreational spaces
  • Actions to reconfigure commercial corridors to ensure that there are areas with vibrant shopping and services while others are designed as safe travelling thoroughfares to more active areas. Other commercial corridors will act as areas to buffer residential areas from industry and truck traffic
  • Actions to improve safety and security in the district
  • Actions to increase employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in the district
  • Actions to increase collaboration across the district through district-wide engagement

The following document provides a description of the community, an overview of the process, highlight of ideas generated during community meetings and a set of recommendations for moving forward. click here

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