what is create ned?

A project that brings to life the visions of District 3 residents through community art and design, landscape architecture, media, technology, and community organizing. The project is supported through funding from ArtPlace America, a national foundation focused on creative placemaking.

It will focus on four major components:

1. Park improvements and upgrades to three parks in District 3
2. Organizing community festivals to celebrate local artists at those three parks
3. Funding a mini-grant program for artistic transformation of public spaces (The program was launched in December. Winners will be announced in March!)
4. Communications and promotions – uplifting the image and media presence of District 3 with a new NED newspaper, a Create NED blog, a website, social media sites, print materials, and media tours of creative projects

Connection to Restore NED

The concept for Create NED originated from Restore NED, which is a coalition of six area nonprofit organizations who partnered with Allied Media Projects (AMP) and The Work Department to submit a proposal to ArtPlace America in 2015. The ideas for this Create NED proposal actually began with the citizens of NE Detroit almost five years ago.

From 2011-2013 a grassroots citizens’ planning and visionary process called Restore NED surveyed every parcel of land in District 3. Data Driven Detroit (D3) produced maps of our findings. During those visionary planning meetings, in addition to our very special parks and unique history, we began to discover that we had some very creative, artistic, and talented people in District 3.

Building upon a strong foundation with Restore NED’s organizing, planning and visioning, and with our new collaborators Allied Media Projects and The Work Department, we were able to infuse more creative elements of art, design, and technology into a proposal, which we called “Create NED” for funding from ArtPlace America.

In June 2015, much to our amazement, we received news that “Create NED” had been awarded a $500,000 ArtPlace grant to be spent over 18 months beginning in August 2015. Together, we will make northeast Detroit’s District 3 become the vibrant, creative, clean, safe, and empowered community we envision it to be!


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